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Your Website Could be Driving Your Customers Away! How? Let’s Count the Ways!

Your website is a vital part of your online presence, but if it’s not converting, it could be driving potential customers away. In this blog post, we’ll explore the common mistakes that can lead to a loss of business and provide tips on how to fix them. From slow loading times to confusing navigation, let’s count the ways your website could be driving your customers away!

1. Outdated Design – It’s important to understand the impact your website will have on your business revenue! First impressions are powerful.  An outdated website layout gives your audience the idea that your business is old or neglected. They may assume that your business is slow, or wonder if you have closed your doors completely. Non-responsive websites can also hurt your reputation. They can drive business away from your site and directly into the hands of your competitors.

2. Not mobile-friendly – With more and more people using mobile to search the internet, if your website fails to be responsive, people can’t view your site or functionality won’t work. If your site isn’t easy to view and navigate, people won’t stay. By providing the best user experience possible on mobile, not only do your chances of being seen increase but if your website is also engaging, your conversion rates can increase as well. 

3. No Call to Actions – Do your visitors know what to do when they land on your site? It’s a simple concept but believe it or not, too many site owners leave them guessing. Should your visitors book a discovery call with you? Do you have products you would like them to buy? Is it a lead magnet you would like them to download? Spell it out. Leaving it up to them to guess could be their automatic reason to leave.

4. No Quality Content – Your website needs to be more than just “another pretty site”. Consumers aren’t just there to look at your pictures and attractive graphics. They search online to answer their questions and make a buying decision. Does your website lack the answers? If you don’t offer your ideal audience tools like blog posts, content offers, product demos, client testimonials, etc. don’t worry—they will find someone who does. 

5. Unclear Homepage – Is your visitor asking “What is this site even about?”. They could be if your website does not have any content branding. Are you using your brand to resonate with your ideal clients? They are out there, and if you aren’t taking advantage of all the touch-point opportunities, you are losing out on new customers and sales.

Not sure what branding you should be using? Check this out:

6. Grammatical Errors – Poor grammar is a problem. Besides making your business appear shabby and unprofessional, did you know grammar issues can also affect your SEO? One of the things that impact SEO is how long visitors spend on your site. If your visitors see your grammatically troubled copy and quickly bolt because of it, it will push your website down in the rankings. Low rankings mean even less traffic, and less opportunity to gain new customers.

7. Slow loading site – Tick tock! If your site takes too long to load, visitors will get tired of waiting and head off to another site. Internet users expect a website to download in 2-3 seconds. Any longer than that and all bets are off as to whether or not they will stay. Even more, Google uses page loading speed in its site rankings. Slow-loading sites won’t attract new customers and if some do happen to stumble onto your site, they probably won’t stick around.

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