Start a Ripple and Watch It Grow



Award-winning Designer and Business Owner

Who kicks down obstacles and sends your business sailing into the success of your dreams? That’s Amy Pierquet, the owner of Waterfront Graphic & Design. She rocks. Who are you teaming up with? A black belt in karate, women’s self-defense instructor, powerful leader, and professional commercial artist of over 25 years. She is passionate about plugging your business into the amp and helping you rock to the top charts. Amy masters both website design, print design, SEO, and customer service. She’ll take all the worry and stress off your mind, while your website results make all the noise. The awards rack up and she’ll insist it’s not about that. It’s about you. Whether you’ve just gotten your LLC or you’ve been in business for many years, she’ll listen to your needs, survey the situation, crank up the tunes and take your business success for a breath-taking power ride. You’ll love the view. In her experience, when she helps your business grow, you help others. With Amy, you Start a ripple and watch it grow.

Are you ready to experience the ripple? Schedule your free 30-minute consultation. She will hold your hand and fearlessly take your business on its next successful journey.

Amy Pierquet showing her big smile for a camera shot
Joy Petalver, the SEO Specialist and SEO Content Writer of Waterfront Graphic Team. She works along side Amy Pierquet.



Joy is a woman of many talents and experiences. Starting her professional career as a guidance counselor and a university professor, she spent years helping students navigate through academic and personal challenges. She became a civil servant after leaving the teaching profession.

The birth of her child was a turning point in her life. She made the decision to homeschool her daughter, investing herself fully in her development and education.

Yet that’s not the end of Joy’s tale. She decided to specialize in SEO and work in the field of digital marketing. She is a natural because of the synergy between her analytical mind and her creative spirit. She has continued to use her understanding of human nature in the development of winning digital marketing strategies for her customers.

She is a problem solver, a lifelong learner, and a follower of God who finds joy in dedicating herself to the success of others.