Start a Ripple and Watch It Grow



Trina Hammack - Monterey, California

A look on the newly designed website across multiple devices for Trina Hammock by Waterfront Graphic Design
“Amy is amazing! My website was A MESS before I started working with her. She re-designed and re-built my website quickly and it turned out beautifully. I’m so grateful for her expertise and her keen eye for detail. Thank you, Amy! I don’t know what I would have done without you!” — Trina Hammack

Acme Vent Cleaning - Madison, WI

“Amy was wonderful to work with and really helped me find the direction I wanted to go.” — Jeremy Johnson, Acme Vent Cleaning

Wa'am Writes - Madison, WI

The new take on the website of Wa'am Writes as created by Waterfront Graphic Design across different devices (laptop, tablet and mobile)
“Amy’s communication was so on top of it. Amy does a great job working on the right things. She’s had a lot of success using a virtual assistant to take care of the things that are administrative only, and I knew that she was not going to be bogged down unnecessarily. I knew she would take the time to get the project done efficiently and productively. I knew the website was going to do what it needed to do right away.” — Laura Paisley Beck, head creative writer, Wa’am Writes


Having a Website is mandatory. Period. Your Website is the first place potential customers learn about you, so it’s vital that it is designed to put your best face forward. Your Website is also a functional tool to capture vital data about prospects, distribute electronic communications, and quickly customize the messages you want visitors to see. Work with Amy at Waterfront Graphic Design to experience the power of your custom site built to bring in leads like tidal waves.



Right-sized website design

  • No more or less than your needs and wishes
  • Fill out our questionnaire to help us help you


Custom design

  • As unique as your business
  • You approve after initial review. No surprises.



  • Once the design is approved we add the technology muscle
  • Big results in SEO
  • Essential prospect data to turn leads to sales

Ease of use

  • Clean intuitive navigation for your customers
  • Simple for you to update marketing messages

Support – Consider us your tugboat:

  • we break the ice,
  • pull your business through on your path,
  • and won’t leave you in the dark.


Let’s do it. Let’s start that ripple and watch it grow.

How It Works

When you hire Amy at Waterfront Graphic Design to create your website, I work with you throughout the process to make sure you’re happy when your site goes live. We will start by discussing the basics and go through a comprehensive questionnaire. Based on your needs and wishes, I’ll provide an initial design for your review. After the design is settled, the content and behind-the-scenes technology are put into place. Finally, it all comes together in a launched and live website. At each phase, Waterfront Graphic Design will guide you through the steps and answer your questions. I will work with you from start to finish to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.

Now What?

When you’re ready to get started, contact Waterfront Graphic Design at  to take the next step.