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Why is accessibility so important?

When your website is designed with accessibility guidelines, it helps those who are disabled, the elderly, people with limited visibility, color blindness or blind use your website. Approximately 15% of people have a disability that could affect how they use your site.

To date, there are no set guidelines or protocols that allow the greatest number of people to comfortably use technology. However, there are things that can be done to help. Here are a few things we include in our websites:


Layout Accessibility

  • Have enough contrast between font and background colors.
  • The website is keyboard accessible (You can test this on each of your web pages by unplugging your mouse and trying to access all features and functions).
  • Links and buttons need to provide context of what the button does for screen readers. Not just saying “click here”.
  • PDFs should offer another text-based format.

Text Accessibility

  • Use of larger fonts that are easier to read, no small or fine-line fonts.
  • Use actual text most often instead of graphics.
  • Break up text with bullet lists and headers to help define content.
  • Use text instead of tables.

Graphics Accessibility

  • Images must include alt-text for proper indexing and descriptive purposes.
  • Graphics that do not flash more than three times per second.
  • Galleries on the site should allow for user control.

Form Accessibility

  • Forms on the site have labels next to the appropriate field, not within the field. Text readers don’t see the text within the field.
  • Include readability instructions on all forms where users are expected to enter information.

Video Accessibility

  • Set videos to play only when selected. A non-sighted person may not be able to find the button to stop the video.
  • Videos should have transcripts below the video. This helps the visually impaired individuals enjoy the essence of the video content.
  • Videos need captions on for readability.
Infographic that shows the importance of Web Accessibility in Web Designing


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