Start a Ripple and Watch It Grow


Amy Pierquet playing with her two lovely dogs, Arizona and Luna
When you understand how your clients feel, you can market your business more effectively.

Here are some question ideas to ask past clients. Their answers will help you determine words and phrases to use in all your marketing to attract the right clients to your business. Ideally, you want to get answers from 7-10 past clients.

  1. How did you come to know about our company?
  2. What motivated you to work with (name of business)?
  3. Were you considering other companies?
  4. What was the biggest problem you were having (in your business, in your life)?
  5. How was having that problem impacting your (business, life)?
  6. How did this problem make you feel?
  7. What had you tried before that did not work before working with us?
  8. What’s the outcome you wanted at the end of our work together? Was it delivered?
  9. What made you decide to work with (us, me) in the end? 
  10. What, if any, was the reservation about working with (us, me) before we started?
  11. What is 1 word that you would use to describe working with me?
  12. Name 1 thing you believe makes me stand out.

Now that you have the answers…

Let Waterfront Graphic Design help you decipher the answers and help you determine what your branding and marketing message should be. Please schedule a consultation to get started.