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7 Reasons Why I Love Elementor (And You Should Too)

Are you looking for a fun way to create your business website?

My clients like user-friendly sites. If you want an easy-to-manage website and haven’t played with the Elementor WordPress web builder yet, oh are you in for a treat!

why I love elementor: miniature people carrying different shapes towards a computer screen.

Allow me to share why I love Elementor when I build quality websites at Waterfront Graphics and Design, and why you will too.

  1. Elementor Has It All – Limited Plug-ins Are Necessary Elementor proves to be nearly all-inclusive. I love this because plug-ins are what break a website. Without the need to add on a bunch of plug-ins, Elementor offers a safe experience for the long term, preventing problems or breakage down the road.
  1. Easy Drag-n-Drop Editor For those who thought they hated WordPress, think again. Elementor’s drag-n-drop editor makes it incredibly easy for users to manage. Yes, some themes make WordPress frustrating to work with. Elementor is not one of them. If you need a user-friendly site, this WordPress web platform is for you.
  1. Custom Templates and Sections Why reinvent the wheel? If you have a special offer that you put on your homepage a couple of times a year, create a template of the offer and save it into a library. With two mouse clicks you can add that template to the home page whenever you want. It’s so easy.
  1. 100% Responsive Elementor is super responsive for all screen sizes and has a mobile version to view and edit your site. You can add and delete items to be included on mobile versions of your site – this is a rare thing to be able to do in many website builders. 
  1. Speedy Elementor is fast. Any changes you make go live on your website instantly. Editing your site is quick and intuitive (see Reason #2 above) so you can get back to running your business in a flash. Say goodbye to overwhelm.
  1. Pro Customer Support Amazing customer support is included with the Pro version of Elementor (starting at only $59/year). If anything goes wrong with your site, they are just a phone call or live chat away. You read that right- you can call a phone number and actually talk to a person! That is almost unheard of in the tech world.
  1. You Are Master of Your Information This isn’t specific to Elementor per se, however, owning your own files is important to note. WordPress sites allow you to own your website files. If you want to switch hosting companies but you don’t own the site files, you would have to start a new site all over from scratch. I have seen this happen to countless clients before they seek my help. Let’s make sure you start out with your hands on the captain wheel.

Are you feeling empowered with knowledge yet? I hope so! But do not worry if you still feel overwhelmed and need help with beautiful and effective website creation. At Waterfront Graphic and Design, I help thousands of business owners like you with customized websites with strong SEO and client-catching design. Take the first step towards your user-friendly website today! 

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