When someone suggested I include an article on technology growth hacks in my newsletter, my first response was to laugh. I tend to “break” the technology I use. Yet the only way to grow a business efficiently is to implement technology tools that does the work for you. So here are four growth hacks we are implementing, and my clients swear by.


Include Video on your website and in your marketing. Video viewers are more engaged and it’s the fasting form of content being consumed ON the internet. Some of our clients are using Facebook Live to grow their businesses. I’m a bit more conservative but watch for our upcoming video podcasts!


Limit Your Social Media to where your customers are. Being selective will increase your return on your investment and save valuable time. Design Life’s Journey can only be found on LinkedIn and Facebook. We are examining where our ideal clients “hang out” so we may consider other options if we find them on other platforms.


Developing Your Own App is a great way to lessen the noise of your competition and build a moat around your clients. I love hearing the success stories and how clients have built their “herd” with apps. I love this idea and as soon as I can figure out what our app should entail, you will hear about it. Right now I am considering surveying you to learn what would be the most helpful. Of course, we have to consider the regulatory restrictions our business falls under, but at year-end, I want an app!


Prioritize Content Marketing. Our clients are using it to differentiate themselves and to organically build their lead list. They even claim these leads are more profitable. To date, our content marketing has been limited to this newsletter and a few emails during tax season. In the future, you will definitely hear from us more often, so let us know what you want to hear about. Our goal is to provide content that educates and engages. That is the focus of our upcoming podcasts.


So what growth hacks are you using? Please share them with us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/designlifesjourney.